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Why I Highly Recommend INSPIRE Training for Anyone Seeking Personal and Professional Growth

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I joined Inspire Training because I didn't want to go back to education as my mind wasn't in the right place and I couldn't concentrate in lessons. Also, as I'm a Welsh speaker, I struggle to understand a lot of English and I wanted to improve my English so that I could go back in to education in the future. I didn't have much confidence before joining INSIRE as I felt like I wasn't good enough since I didn't go back in to education. I also wanted to enhance my career pathway as I was doubting whether I wanted to go to university in the future.

INSPIRE Training has helped me as I've gained more confidence and experience, which has built me into a more confident person for the big world. I have gained many more friends who motivate me every day, which has enhanced my self-confidence. INSPIRE is now providing me with childcare, which will give me more experience to continue my pathway towards primary teaching in university. I'm hoping to go back to college to take my English qualification and be more positive when speaking to others.

I highly recommend coming to INSPIRE as the tutors and students are very friendly and motivate you. I feel more ready and confident to be able to face the big world.

Bethany Edgell

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