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Essential Skills in the Workplace: Elevating Your Team in Swansea and Neath Welcome to Our New Initiative!

We are excited to introduce 'The Essential Skills in the Workplace,' a revolutionary training programme now available in the Swansea and Neath area. This initiative is designed to bridge skills gaps in local businesses, providing a substantial boost to workforce capabilities.


Free Training Course: Yes, you read that right! This programme is offered completely free of charge. Our experienced tutors will visit your workplace to collaborate with your managers and employees, identifying and addressing specific areas for skill development.


Comprehensive Skill Coverage:

Numeracy: Enhance your team's mathematical skills, crucial for efficient business operations.

Digital Literacy: In the digital age, these skills are indispensable for any successful business.

Literacy: From effective email communication to sophisticated data handling and communication skills, we cover it all. Personalised and Flexible Learning:


Customised Training: We adapt our training to meet the unique needs and skill levels of your workforce.


Convenience: Our team dedicates two hours per week at your workplace, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.


Progressive Learning: Starting from the basics, we aim to progressively upskill your employees.


Initial Assessments and Bespoke Programmes:

Understanding Current Skills: Through initial assessments in maths, English, and ICT, we identify the existing skill levels of each employee. These assessments are not for grading but to tailor our training effectively.

Tailored Training Plans: Based on these assessments, we design bespoke programmes that integrate seamlessly with your workplace's roles and responsibilities.


Interactive and Engaging Methodology:

Collaborative Learning: We work closely with your managers to ensure the training is highly relevant and practical.

Resource Provision: All necessary equipment, including laptops and ICT tools, is provided by us.


Fun Learning Environment: We believe in making learning enjoyable and engaging, leading to better retention and participation. Certification and Recognition: Participants will receive a nationally recognised qualification upon completion, adding significant value to their professional profile.


Contact Us: To learn more or enrol in the programme, please speak to your manager or contact Inspire Training directly. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


This programme is fully funded through the Shared Prosperity Fund by the UK Government, making it completely free for both employers and employees. It's supported by the Swansea Council and Neath Talbot Council, ensuring local businesses and their workforces reap the benefits of this opportunity.

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Invest in your team's future today with 'The Essential Skills in the Workplace.' Join us in fostering a skilled, efficient, and dynamic workforce in the Swansea and Neath area!

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38 - 40 Mariner St. 

Swansea, SA1 5BA

Sarah Bastin

07754 446 470

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