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INSPIRE Big Outdoor Lunch - A Day of Food, Fun, and Community Spirit!

Hey there, amazing community members! We're here to give you a quick recap of the fantastic event that took place today: the INSPIRE Big Outdoor Lunch! It was a day filled with delicious food, fun activities, and the warm spirit of community. And guess what? We've got some amazing pictures attached, so you can see it all! From the moment we started walking to Victoria Park, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. It's always great for people from all walks of life to gather, including learners & staff members, creating a vibrant community spirit. This event was a great way to get new learners to mix and get to know our tutors and existing leaners.

The food was absolutely delightful! Learners from all classes showcased their culinary talents, offering a mouthwatering array of dishes. There was a lot of delicious food.

Laughter and friendship filled the air as people connected. The beats were pumping, adding an energetic backdrop to the day's event. To add to the fun, we had exciting activities like rounders, football and basketball. It's always a laugh when we get competitive.

A big thank you to everyone who made this event unforgettable. Your enthusiasm and participation brought the community together. If you missed out this year, don't worry! Stay tuned for future community gatherings and initiatives from INSPIRE Training. Together, we can continue to foster a strong, inclusive, and joyful community.

Stay connected and be part of the INSPIRE Training family!

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