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Finding My Path Through INSPIRE: A Personal Story of Transformation With Morgan Hawkshaw

How long have you been at INSPIRE?

I've been at INSPIRE since October 2022.

What were your initial thoughts upon joining INSPIRE?

I really wanted a work placement, to be honest. After arriving, I realised my confidence was incredibly low which which made me hesitant in entering the work force, but gradually, my confidence has been improving. That's when my tutor suggested Jiu Jitsu. I initially refused, stating that I didn't want to do it. However, one week while we were at the gym (with the Jiu Jitsu place being upstairs), he took me up there, showed me around, and I ended up signing up that day.

Why did you join INSPIRE?

Well, I joined to regain control of my life. I felt as though I had neither control nor routine. I had no hobbies. I was doing nothing.

You've been with INSPIRE for eight months now, how do you feel about INSPIRE at this point?

I love INSPIRE. I feel my confidence is significantly improved. I've reintroduced routine into my life. I've been accomplishing so many good things. I've obtained my level three in first aid from Jiu Jitsu. I've taken up Jiu Jitsu and participated in my first tournament last week. I've also gained work experience. I'm assisting with children's classes and doing assistant coaching.

So, what's your next step after INSPIRE?

I plan to return to college. I've already applied and been accepted. I intended to go back last year, but it was a challenging time in my life. So, I joined INSPIRE. My confidence was low, and I couldn't get into college. However, I feel ready for college this year. It's my second chance, as I've been there in the past.

Would you recommend INSPIRE to others?

Absolutely, I'd highly recommend it. INSPIRE just gives you confidence and, in a broader sense, helps you gain your independence. It teaches you how to budget money and grow up. Essentially, you learn how to be a responsible adult.

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