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INSPIRE Training: More Than Just a Training Centre, It's Family.

Hey, INSPIRE fam! Ever wondered what pulls amazing folks like Amber Williams into our circle? For her, INSPIRE Training wasn't just a pit-stop on the education highway. It felt like coming home. Curious about how a place like ours can feel like a family gathering? Sit tight, and let's dive into Amber's story together.

"I joined INSPIRE Training because I wasn’t doing anything after I left school and heard about it through Careers Wales. I wanted to join because school didn’t work out very well for me; I never showed up and struggled with the environment. What I enjoy about INSPIRE is that it's entirely different from school. At INSPIRE I received the support and advice I needed from both staff and learners. You can approach staff for any reason or problem, and they'll always help.

What I appreciate about INSPIRE is that we’re like a family, supporting each other, especially during activities when some of us might be nervous or scared. This has benefited me immensely. I've been attending boxing every Tuesday, frequenting the gym, and participating in many other sports. It has also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, which led to my enjoyment of boxing and my participation in a White Collar Event where Nik (my tutor) supported me during my match.

Furthermore, ACTIF has contributed to my personal fitness and helped me foster a positive attitude. I've acquired numerous new skills by meeting people at INSPIRE and have enhanced my teamwork skills by collaborating in the gym and assisting others with unit work. I've even led lessons to aid new learners in completing the unit work I've finished. All these experiences have prepared me for employment and have aided me in identifying which work fields might suit me best."

And that’s the lowdown on Amber's journey with us. It’s more than just training and learning here at INSPIRE; it’s about building bonds, sharing laughs, and being there for each other. Amber's story is a testament to that magic. Here’s to everyone finding their vibe and tribe, right here, with INSPIRE. Keep shining, Amber!

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