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Transforming Myself: The Impact of INSPIRE on My Personal Growth

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Hi, I'm Courtney. I joined Inspire because I was with the wrong group of friends before I joined, and I was being dragged into bad situations, and I wasn't myself. But when I joined, I met a lot of new good friends who took me out of those bad situations and into good ones. My confidence before Inspire was the lowest it had ever been, but now it's the highest it has ever been.

Before I joined, I tried my hand at Hairdressing, but it didn't work out for me.Then I joined Inspire. The tutors believed in me and helped me through the good and bad. They always believed in me and told me that if something wasn't for me, and they have always been right. Inspire has built my confidence, communication skills, and team-building abilities. All the activities have improved my mindset, health, and fitness. It has made me a better person than I am today. I enjoy the activities such as boxing and ACTIF, and the courses like the childcare course and employability learning course. I have learned a lot of new skills in these courses and positive mindset and fitness.

Currently, I have two placements: one as a mentor with ACTIF and one as a team member with CYCA. I have also joined the Llanelli Reds Women football team which Nik my INSPIRE tutor set up for me.

When I leave Inspire, I want a full-time job in which I feel confident in achieving as I've learned so many skills in Inspire. I want to take my communication, confidence, punctuality, resilience, and hard work ethic traits into full-time employment. I want to keep the positive people in my life and solid personal relationships to have a successful life.

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