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Finding My Path: Naomi Davies' Inspiring Journey

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Are you looking for a place to grow and develop your skills? Do you want to feel welcome and supported in your journey? Look no further than INSPIRE Training! We had the pleasure of speaking with Naomi Davies, who shares her experience of joining INSPIRE (Llanelli centre) and how it has helped her in ways she never imagined. From finding her place after leaving college to improving her physical fitness and punctuality, Naomi's story is one of personal growth and determination. Read on to learn more about how INSPIRE Training has helped Naomi and how it can help you too. Enjoy!

What was your reason for joining INSPIRE?

"I joined INSPIRE because i was in College and it wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy the lessons I was doing, it was not what I expected it to be, so then I left. I went to Careers Wales and went back to College. I tried beauty and I went to a placement and I did not enjoy it. I ended up leaving College again then went back to Career Wales and they told me about INSPIRE Training, then I joined in January 2022. It was the best day of my life everyone was so nice to me I was a bit quiet but everyone made me feel very welcome and that is the reason I joined INSPIRE Training."

In what ways has INSPIRE Training helped you?

"INSPIRE has helped me with my physical fitness, like boxing, the gym and ACTIF. It has also helped me have a much better routine also my punctuality has gone much better than it was."

What is your current position/status?

"Now I have been at INSPIRE for a year, I am attending a placement called CYCA which I am really looking forward to. All in all I am glad I joined INSPIRE thanks to everyone who made me feel comfortable and INSPIRE has helped me out alot, I definitely recommend Inspire as everyone is amazing."

Thank you for reading our interview with INSPIRE Training learners! It's inspiring to hear about the positive impact that INSPIRE has had on their lives. Each learner has a unique story, but they all share a common theme of seeking a better path and finding support and encouragement at INSPIRE. From building confidence and gaining new skills to finding meaningful work placements, INSPIRE has helped these learners achieve their goals and improve their lives. We hope their stories inspire you too!

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