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Rock hopping reflection. (part 2)

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

We were joined by three learners from Pentrehaford PACE unit that excelled in the adventurous rock hopping challenge that took place at Bracelet bay. Students were required to navigate over the harsh rocky terrain towards the lighthouse at mumbles point with the additions of going through some short caves along the way. With the weather against us we battled on against the heavy rain which was present most of the session. This added difficulty by making surfaces extra slippery but towards the end this wasn’t an issue as they each developed the skill to move over the rocks. The focus of the activity is to enhance the use of teamwork and leadership with the decision making of the group and individuals choices along the way.

This was perfectly demonstrated shortly after starting, it was clear to see that Connor was excelling in this and was very nimble across the rocks choosing the ideal route for us all to follow. This showed that despite the poor weather Connor was in his element.

Sinead rocked up with curls in her hair ready for a trip to the beach but it was also clear to see she was ready to get stuck in! She took control of the pack quickly by persuading the rest to do the cave showing willingness to explore and good communication skills while in the cave.

While Mason found the slippery rocks a challenge he trooped on after slipping a bit, this showed his commitment and resilience to continue. Mason was happy to have a really quick interview halfway to discuss what he’d learnt and happy to share his experiences to the learners.

While on the drive home we had the opportunity to discuss the activity with them and if they would enjoy pursuing a career in the outdoors this was a turning point as Connor seemed to quite like this idea, and with his engagement during the session this would likely be a good career choice for him. He was quite excited about the idea of shadowing and leading groups while getting paid to do something he enjoys. Despite the weather the feedback from all was positive and were keen to try a similar activity again

Peter Savage

Outdoor Education Tutor,

Get outside and enjoy the views!

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